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iiyama G-MASTER Red Eagle GB3266QSU-B1 - 31.5"

Prijs € 379,50

Immerse yourself in the game with the curved GB3266QSU Red Eagle with 144Hz refresh rate.The 1800R curved VA panel with 144Hz refresh rate,1ms MPRT and the 2560x1440 resolution gives you an immersive viewing experience and guarantees superb image quality. The height adjustable stand ensures you can easily adjust the screen position and easily customizable...

iiyama G-MASTER G2230HS-B1 LED

Prijs € 139,50

iiyama G-MASTER G2230HS-B1. Beeldschermdiagonaal: 54,6 cm (21.5"), Resolutie: 1920 x 1080 Pixels, HD type: Full HD, Display technologie: LCD, Beeldoppervlakte: Mat, Responstijd: 0,8 ms, Oorspronkelijke beeldverhouding: 16:9, Kijkhoek, horizontaal: 170°, Kijkhoek, verticaal: 160°. Ingebouwde luidsprekers. VESA-montage. Kleur van het product: Zwart

iiyama ProLite XB3270QS-B1 - 31.5"

Prijs € 322,50

Looking for the perfect monitor? Choose the all-around IPS panel technology guaranteeing perfect color reproduction with wide viewing angles. Meeting the demands of both graphic design and the modern work place,the XB3270QS with a high resolution offers the perfect solution for productivity,design and data analysis. The height-adjustable stand ensures you...

iiyama G-MASTER Black Hawk G2530HSU-B1 - 24.5"

Prijs € 148,50

No matter if you are a newbie or an old wolf in the world of gaming,the 24.5“Black Hawk G-MASTER G2530HSU is the perfect companion at your side.Capable of displaying Full HD images at 75 Hz refresh rate it will always have your back. Armed with Black Tuner function and FreeSync Technology with a stunning 1 ms response time,the Black Hawk guarantees you...

iiyama ProLite XUB2493HSU-B1 - 23.8"

Prijs € 188,50

Stylish edge-to-edge design makes the ProLite XUB2493HSU perfect for multi-monitor setups. The IPS panel technology offers accurate and consistent color reproduction with wide viewing angles. High contrast and brightness values mean the monitor will provide excellent performance for photographic and web design,and the height adjustable stand ensures you...

iiyama ProLite XUB3493WQSU-B1 - 34"

Prijs € 449,50

ProLite XUB3493WQSU offers accurate and consistent color reproduction with wide viewing angles and a fast response time. UWQHD resolution offers an ultra-wide (21:9) viewable area. The large amount of space and good pixel density offered by the size and resolution of this screen provide great potential on the desktop. Very suitable for those who want to...

iiyama G-MASTER Red Eagle GB2560HSU-B1 - 24.5"

Prijs € 228,50

Whether you already are or are aiming to be a hardcore gamer,the 24.5''G-MASTER GB2560HSU-B1 known as Red Eagle is the competitive edge you need to be able to unleash your full gaming potential. Armed with FreeSync technology,144Hz refresh rate and a blistering 1ms response time you can make split second decisions and forget about ghosting effects or...

iiyama G-MASTER Red Eagle GB3461WQSU-B1

Prijs € 509,50

With IPS panel,144Hz refresh rate,1ms MPRT and the 3440x1440 resolution,the monitor allows hardcore gamers to unleash their gaming potential and enjoy superb image quality. The height adjustable stand ensures you can easily adjust the screen position to your preferences and the ability to customize the screen settings using the predefined and custom...

iiyama G-MASTER Red Eagle - 34" GB3466WQSU

Prijs € 522,50

Armed with FreeSync technology and 144Hz refresh rate,this powerful predator has no mercy for ghosting effects or smearing issues. Perfect vision manifested in the ability to adjust brightness and the dark shades with the Black Tuner delivers greater viewing performance in shadowed areas. No matter which you prefer:RTS,FPS,MOBA and MMO - choose Red Eagle...